Turbine Table

Lancelot Lancaster White is honoured to work with the prestigious Racing Gold, artisans of the Red Bull Racing PART OF THE TEAM in collaboration to create what can only be described as the world’s most powerful table. Formed from aircraft grade Titanium the core of the table is drawn from a Rolls-Royce RB211 jet engine, producing around 41,000lbs/182kn of thrust, having formerly given flight to a Boeing 747.

The hub and blades will be supported by a marble base and be covered by a single sheet of glass with a sterling silver nose cone as the focal point of the table, surmounted by precious stone.

The table which is designed to seat up to 10 people comfortably will include a state of the art communication system. The precious centre stone will illuminate notifying users when the conference call system is active. There will also be an option to install a video conferencing facility.

This table represents an exclusive opportunity to possess a unique piece of aviation history formed into a functional and elegant design. Due to limited availability it is only possible to create 2 of these fabulous tables or a single large boardroom/dining table. There is an option of 10 reclining leather conference chairs

Build time is expected to be around 3-6 months depending on final material choices and design.

Interesting Fact: Originally the blades of these engines were to be made of Hyfil, a carbon fibre composite. This was changed when after passing every other test, it shattered into pieces when a chicken was fired into it at high speed.


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