Concorde - Lancelot Lancaster White London - Luxury Poker Box

G-AXDN, Fastest & highest flying Concorde reaching a maximum speed of Mach 2.23 - 2,333kph/1,450mph and a height of 19,416m/63,700ft, with 269 recorded flights totalling more than 630 hours airborne.

The name Concorde meaning harmony or unity and symbolises all that is best in Anglo-French design and aeronautic engineering. For more than four million people Concorde was the experience of a lifetime.

Creating the Concorde Luxury Poker Box meant extensive research in England and France to understand the importance for the people who flew and worked with Concorde as well as those for whom it was a means of transport.

Concorde 27 Supersonic YearsView Video
Concorde - 27 Years of Supersonic Flight

This superb documentary offers aviation buffs and casual observers alike, the opportunity to understand the operations of Concorde on a new level.

By evaluating all the information provided by numerous official and non-official sources Lancelot Lancaster White has created an original interpretation of this homage to Concorde.

Concorde - Lancelot Lancaster White London - Luxury Poker BoxTwenty Concorde Luxury Poker Boxes will be handmade representing the 20 aircraft built. Using components from the fastest Concorde, we identify with the very core of this illustrious aircraft. Each luxury poker box utilises components from the fuselage, parachute and tyres which landed Concorde on its final journey.

Finished in finest white lacquer complimenting the original white elastomeric paint which is retained on the original certified components this will be a possession to treasure.

Concorde flew many notable trips including carrying Phil Collins on his epic journey from UK to USA during the Live Aid Concert on 13 July 1985, allowing him to play live at both venues; raising more than £150,000,000.00 for charity.

The British Politician Tony Benn was heavily involved with the political effort to see the realisation of Concorde;

“On April 9th 1969 I went to Filton for the first test flight of the British Concord. When Trubby* came out and got into the plane and it boomed into the air, the vibration was so great, I felt I was being filleted; as if the flesh was falling off my backbone”.
Concorde was originally spelled with an ‘e’ in both English and French, subsequently removed by Harold Macmillan from the English version due to an upset. When Tony Benn went to Toulouse for the [French] roll-out in 1969 he decided to re-insert the ‘e’ saying “I didn't tell anybody I was planning to do it, but once I had announced it in Toulouse, they couldn't do anything about it. I said: ‘E’ stands for excellence, for England, for Europe and for the entente cordiale."

* Ernest Brian Trubshaw, CBE, MVO (29 January 1924–25 March 2001) the first British pilot to fly Concorde, in April 1969.

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