Victory Poker Box

Victory Poker Box defines winning in every sense of the word, not only in its name but in its history. Victory Poker Box represents one of the greatest moments and heroes in British history.

LLW are creating six limited edition pieces, one for each HMS Victory commissioned by the Royal Navy, including a No.1 box. Victory Luxury Poker Box with concealed drawer & secret mitred dovetail corners made by hand.

Painstakingly formed in wood removed from HMS Victory the poker box reflects themes and styles of Lord Horatio Nelson’s great warship and has been made under the auspice of the National Museum of the Royal Navy. This creates an opportunity to own a certified piece of the oldest and most famous battleship in the world, still under commission, dating from 1759 when she was first laid down.

The Evaluator bears Nelson’s title, birth date, Victory construction date and ships motto engraved around its edge. The chip trays are formed from wood removed from HMS Victory and are adorned with Britannia silver handles. Britannia silver is 958 pure and was introduced in England by Act of Parliament in 1697.

The poker box is made from solid wood using predominantly teak and oak with the overall design intimating a ship’s deck. The main fittings are in silver, with lock by Bramah circa 1784. The inset figure head is formed and finished by hand in silver bearing the motto Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense.

Nelson’s picture sits inside the lid and is a replica of the Lemuel Francis Abbott painting showing Lord Horatio Nelson in Tricor and medals; a detailed miniature enamel on silver, following 18th century great English enamelling.

The Roll of Honour lines the lid interior of the poker box & celebrates the gallant deeds of the crew of HMS Victory.

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